The Strangest Conduit:

A Collection of Stories – How a small company is making a big impact. (We are working on cover re-design. I will send artwork to be included when ready.)

Who Is This Book For?

The Strangest Conduit has many resources and ideas you can take and implement in your own business, no matter what product or service you may offer. Jam-packed with honest and unfiltered mistakes, teachable moments, and astounding accomplishments, this is the ultimate guide on how to organize and execute a faith-based business.

Discover the elements Mpact’s largest company, Milestone, employed to create a organization that works not just for its customers but for its team members and its community. Within these pages, you will learn how the team turned each roadblock they met into an extraordinary opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and organizationally all while remaining true to their core values and beliefs.

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